Our New Strategy!

In the beginning of time when Kevin decided to established F.A.I Hosting Solution, he planned to obtain funding from investors for his business plan. Nevertheless, instead of obtaining funding from investors, Kevin is now planned to generate funding for F.A.I Hosting Solution start-up through his other business strategies. Thus, Fai Hosting Solution launch date is imminently unknown at this moment. His other business strategy will also help him gain more experiences in writing his own platform for his own hosting company(Security, Speed, Expandability, and Flexibility).

For Kevin's Strategy at this moment, this sequence of projects have to be completed before F.A.I Hosting Solution. This is not a completed list.

  1. The Infinity Formula @ Programming With Kevin Blog.
  2. 30 articles in multiple subject for - iblog.website.
  3. Hacked Content Reporting Platform - HackReport.org.
  4. Affiliate Program Listing - afflist.info.
  5. EndAdBlock - Adblocking is a form of content thieve. (One want free content but one don't want to exchange some resource to load some ad, this is almost similar in category as piracy, just the legal type. If a free version of one of my software is displaying ad, should one really obtain a keygen or crack my code to not view the ad?)
  6. FAI_Adrenewal - Light Weight Ad Code Server for text, affiliate, and cpc ad code. (PHP||Java||Wordpress) << This ad server is built with the purpose to defeat the Adblocker.
  7. Kevin will almost always to have a portfolio with 50+ domains for sale.

We're Coming Soon

We are working very hard to launch this website. Stay tuned!